ClassLookOut enables the easiest way to find your ideal tuition provider in Singapore, and is made possible due to collaborative efforts by tuition providers in enabling users to identify their ideal tuition provider easily.

We are the only website for you to table-compare tuition providers.

Find and compare in our growing directory, using common criteria such as Online Classes, Price, Location, Class Timings, Teacher-Student Ratio, Amenities, Student Assistance, and much more. 

Be it is for Pre-School, Primary (PSLE), Secondary (O-Levels), Junior College (A-Levels) or IB International Baccalaureate levels, ClassLookOut makes this possible!

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Our Promise To You

When extra help is needed in our children’s education journey, parents in Singapore go through a similar process. In our search for the right tuition, our requirements centre on common criteria. At ClassLookOut, we summarise these criteria for you. 

Compare across  such as understand the amount of effort needed to find the best education resources for our children. With this, we have created to enable a more effective search process. 

1. We must add-value to you, strive to do it well and then continually improve our services. Our service is only effective in a mutually-beneficial environment where all parties can learn, grow and flourish.

2. We will actively seek inputs from tuition providers, parents and students to ensure that this website continues to improved upon. 

Our Guidance


We Strive To Be The Premier Tuition Search Provider In Singapore And Beyond.


We Excel Through Respecting And Nurturing Stakeholders, And Contributing To The Community.


  • Respect,
  • Trust,
  • Dignity,
  • Community,
  • Mastery.

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